About Us

About Us

Most research companies can conduct a well-designed study but far fewer know how to tell a compelling story.

Many public relations firms tell a great story but often don't back it up with reliable and accurate research.

At NUMINSIGHTS LLC, we incorporate solid research AND help you understand and use the results to tell the story behind the data!

We have worked with a wide range of organizations including:
- Retail companies
- Nonprofits
- Wholesale/distribution businesses
- Religious institutions
- Trade associations
- Management consulting firms

Bright Thoughts

Survey Questions For Events

Survey Questions For Events: Top Tips For Post-Event Surveys

As any event planner knows, asking survey questions for events you hold offers a great way to measure success and collect valuable input from your attendees. I’ve had some event planners express concern about asking too many questions, but the truth is that you need to ask enough questions to get the full picture—if you ask too few, your findings won’t be as useful. At the same time, ask too many questions and your response rate will plummet. The key to making your survey as useful as possible centers on asking the both the right questions and the right number of questions. Done correctly, a survey can help you improve future events, and serves as an essential tool to provide your organization with valuable feedback. Here are some top tips for creating post-event surveys so you end up with good data for future event planning and actionable insights!

Nonprofit Surveys

Nonprofit Surveys: Your Nonprofit Needs To Ask Questions!

Nonprofit surveys are an important tool for measuring and improving the effectiveness of a nonprofit or NGO. But what are they? Why do you need one? How do you conduct one? As someone who has spent nearly 30 years conducting surveys, I’ll answer these questions and help you understand many ways that nonprofit surveys can help your organization listen and learn from your constituents.