Listening To Customers

Listening To Customers: 4 Tips To Listen Better!

Listening to customers is a critical component of providing value, improving your products or services, and keeping your business healthy. It’s also an essential step on the path to growth, so any company or organization, regardless of its size or stage, should actively engage in customer feedback and listening. Here are four tips to help you think about your listening efforts and strengthen your approach.

Storytelling With Data

Storytelling With Data: Focus on the High Points!

When you hear the word “data”, what do you think of? Most people think of facts, statistics, charts, variables or other pieces of information. Researchers are quite adept at producing data. When conducting a survey or collecting feedback, there is always lots of data! The challenge isn’t how to come up with more data, but rather, how to turn those individual facts, statistics, or items of information into meaningful, useful stories to leverage the power of storytelling for your audience!