Engaging Volunteers

Engaging Volunteers: Making a Measurable Difference

In today’s corporate world, the value of giving back through volunteerism is more recognized than ever. Companies find that engaging employees as volunteers in community service efforts not only aids those in need but also fosters a positive work culture where employees actually feel more strongly about their place of employment after engaging in volunteer service activities. Nonprofits that offer volunteer engagement ideas as part of their offerings, like MATTER’s MATTERbox food packing events, create an outstanding volunteer opportunity, where companies can make a tangible difference while boosting team spirit. In this article, I’ll take a closer look at MATTER’s program and how we developed measurable outcomes for this volunteer program.

leveraging customer insights

Leveraging Customer Insights to Drive Marketing Strategies

As any savvy marketer knows, leveraging customer insights to drive marketing strategies is a key component of business success. I’ve spoken with some marketers who worry about drowning in data, but the truth is, you need to gather enough insights to get a comprehensive understanding of your customers.

How To Write An Executive Summary

How To Write An Executive Summary

Whether you are trying to sell investors on a new idea for your company, providing a synopsis of a business plan, or encapsulating the entire report of a customer study down to the key findings, crafting an executive summary is a requisite skill for success. In this article, we’ll explore how you can save your reader time by creating an effective executive summary.

Survey Questions For Events

Survey Questions For Events: Top Tips For Post-Event Surveys

As any event planner knows, asking survey questions for events you hold offers a great way to measure success and collect valuable input from your attendees. I’ve had some event planners express concern about asking too many questions, but the truth is that you need to ask enough questions to get the full picture—if you ask too few, your findings won’t be as useful. At the same time, ask too many questions and your response rate will plummet. The key to making your survey as useful as possible centers on asking the both the right questions and the right number of questions. Done correctly, a survey can help you improve future events, and serves as an essential tool to provide your organization with valuable feedback. Here are some top tips for creating post-event surveys so you end up with good data for future event planning and actionable insights!

Nonprofit Surveys

Nonprofit Surveys: Your Nonprofit Needs To Ask Questions!

Nonprofit surveys are an important tool for measuring and improving the effectiveness of a nonprofit or NGO. But what are they? Why do you need one? How do you conduct one? As someone who has spent nearly 30 years conducting surveys to glean important insights, I’ll answer these questions and help you understand many ways that nonprofit surveys can help your organization listen and learn from your constituents.

Virtual Event Survey Questions

Virtual Events: 5 “Must Ask” Survey Questions

Webinars and other forms of “virtual” events existed before the pandemic, but this past year clearly brought virtual events, virtual conferences, and virtual meetings to the forefront. The days of the “one-way webinar” forever changed in 2020 with more focus on video, interactive sessions, breakouts, and other sessions that connected each person attending in fresh ways. As a result, it is important than ever to measure the effectiveness of virtual events, with people attending online rather than gathering in person. While there are a wide range of types of questions to ask event attendees about the content, speakers and event, I want to focus here on post-event questions that specifically address virtual event elements. Here are five survey questions every virtual event assessment must ask!

Listening To Customers

Listening To Customers: 4 Tips To Listen Better!

Listening to customers is a critical component of providing value, improving your products or services, and keeping your business healthy. It’s also an essential step on the path to growth, so any company or organization, regardless of its size or stage, should actively engage in customer feedback and listening. Here are four tips to help you think about your listening efforts and strengthen your approach.

Storytelling With Data

Storytelling With Data: Focus on the High Points!

When you hear the word “data”, what do you think of? Most people think of facts, statistics, charts, variables or other pieces of information. Researchers are quite adept at producing data. When conducting a survey or collecting feedback, there is always lots of data! The challenge isn’t how to come up with more data, but rather, how to turn those individual facts, statistics, or items of information into meaningful, useful stories to leverage the power of storytelling for your audience!