In today’s corporate world, the value of giving back through volunteerism is more recognized than ever. Companies find that engaging employees as volunteers in community service efforts not only aids those in need but also fosters a positive work culture where employees actually feel more strongly about their place of employment after engaging in volunteer service activities. Nonprofits that offer volunteer engagement ideas as part of their offerings, like MATTER’s MATTERbox food packing events, create an outstanding volunteer opportunity, where companies can make a tangible difference while boosting team spirit. In this article, I’ll take a closer look at MATTER’s program, the process of engaging volunteers, and how I worked with MATTER in making a measurable difference for this volunteer program.

Understanding MATTERbox: A Closer Look

MATTERbox packing initiatives empower teams to assemble nutritious snack packs for hungry children in local communities. These events are tailored to any company size and setup, require minimal training, work within the time allotted, and with all types of work environments — in-person, hybrid, or virtual. The flexibility of these events means every team can contribute, regardless of their location, with MATTER providing all necessary materials and coordination. The MATTERbox initiative, created by MATTER, an international nonprofit whose mission is to “help people launch projects that improve communities,” strives to serve community partners needing the meals, while providing an opportunity for corporate partners to augment their volunteer engagement strategies that benefit others in the process.

Employee Engagement: By the Numbers

Recent survey benchmarks from MATTER reveal the profound impact these volunteer events have on employee engagement. An overwhelming majority report increased company pride, community connection, job satisfaction, and loyalty. These numbers underscore the dual benefit of MATTERbox events: serving the community while enriching the workplace environment.

Brian Numainville, President of NUMINSIGHTS LLC, created the survey that measures these and other important outcomes for MATTER. “Developing a survey that incorporated questions that measure key employee engagement outcomes was my goal. This provides MATTER with the ability to prove that by engaging in MATTERbox packing events, team members come away with a more favorable impression of their employer. This is critical for many organizations trying to retain top-notch talent in today’s labor market.”

Benefits for Companies: A Win-Win Situation

Beyond the immediate impact on communities from the MATTERbox food provided, companies gain significant advantages through a MATTERbox packing event.

Here are the current engagement benchmarks from these events, based on volunteer feedback received:

I feel that my company, by participating in volunteer events like this one, makes the community stronger.99% Agree
I am proud to work for a company that allows me to volunteer at events like this during working hours.98% Agree
I am more satisfied working at my company because they offer volunteer opportunities like today’s event.95% Agree
I feel more loyal to my company because they offer volunteer opportunities like today’s event. 92% Agree

With these kind of scores as a result of partnering with nonprofit organizations like MATTER, companies can show a positive impact by engaging employees in a compelling and meaningful volunteer experience.

Planning Your Event

Organizing a MATTERbox event is straightforward, and requires minimal time or training. Companies begin by contacting MATTER to discuss their event size and structure. Options range from in-house packing to remote participation, ensuring every company can find an approach that fits their time and budget. Events like this are sure to build a sense of community, and can even include a little friendly competition, and result in immense satisfaction derived from contributing to a worthy cause.

Conclusion: Making a Measurable Difference

The call to action is clear: companies looking to enhance their staff retention, increase community engagement, demonstrate social responsibility, and strengthen employee satisfaction should consider MATTERbox volunteer events, engaging volunteers through your employee base. The impact is measurable, both in the community benefits provided and the positive effects on employee engagement and corporate image. It’s a win for companies, employees, and communities alike!