Feedback Rules!


Feedback Rules For Everyone!

Brian co-authored Feedback Rules!, a book published by Brigantine Media to provide helpful tips that anyone can use to better listen to customers, employees or business partners…or anyone else!

Whether you are unfamiliar with research techniques and have to figure out how to conduct your first project, or you are a seasoned professional looking for additional tips to improve, you will find something useful in this book. It’s critical to get feedback from the stakeholders of your organization-customers, employees, members, business partners, and others. Written in an easy to digest format, it is our hope this book provides every reader with actionable and usable tips to glean valuable feedback to improve your organization. Read one rule a week- or all 52 at once! This book is your guide to listening to your stakeholders. 

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“There’s often a big gap between what a marketer thinks customers want and what customers really want. Feedback Rules! provides a comprehensive guide of how to plan and execute feedback programs to help you close that gap.”

Lonny Kocina, CEO, Media Relations

Feedback Rules! offers great tips and helpful ideas for retailers that want to listen more attentively to their customers and employees.”

Peter Larkin, Past President and CEO, National Grocers Association (NGA)

“Nonprofit organizations are always looking for effective ways to listen to their constituents. Feedback Rules! provides many useful ideas whether you are a small nonprofit or a large institution.”

Quenton Marty, President, MATTER